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Jan 112017
Salt of the Eart Event

Mindfulness Meditation
Jan 19, 7-8:30pm, $50 Please pre-register

The burgeoning field of neuroscience emits a fairly constant stream of evidence for meditation’s positive impact on immune response, cardiovascular functioning, the brain itself. Meditation can change the brain—measurably. Scientists can see a thickening of the cortex areas where memory and empathy reside. In one famous study, subjects who meditated showed less activity in an area associated with negative emotions like anger, depression, and anxiety, and more activity in the area associated with buoyancy, optimism, and confidence. They also had a stronger immune reaction to flu vaccine than did those in control groups. And all these differences show up in eight weeks.  Kabat-Zinn’s work has inspired a host of mindfulness-based therapies, with offshoots focusing on depression, addiction, eating and sleep disorders, and chronic pain. Mindfulness itself is being applied in psychotherapy—for treating cancer survivors, PTSD, sexual dysfunction—and is now so legit it’s taught around the world in medical centers, hospitals, schools (from primary school to medical school), prisons, and corporations.  Editor of  Ophra Winfrey magazine.   Instructor: Lindsey Sass has been teaching and practicing meditation for 30 years. She has her certificate in 10 day training in Mindfulness based stress reduction. She is a medium clairvoyant and guides her clients toward deeper understanding of their path in career, talents, relationships.   She was struck by lightning experiencing a near death and has been published in 5 publications.  www.njhealingcenter.com  973-714-0765

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