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May 292015

Patty Sassone, AADP, CHHC, IAHC Patty is a Board Certified Holistic Integrative Nutrition Practitioner through the American Assn. of Drugless Practitioners and Wellness Coach specializing in Autoimmune diseases, Celiac, and Digestive health, with 32 years experience.

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Patty trained at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in NYC where she studied more than a 100 of different dietary theories, practical lifestyle management techniques, and innovative coaching methods with the world’s top health and wellness experts. Her education has equipped her with extensive knowledge in holistic nutrition, cooking, health, lifestyle and wellness coaching, as well as preventive health. Drawing upon these skills along with her intuition, she draws up a plan based upon your unique bio-individuality to help you achieve health and lifestyle changes that will produce real and lasting results.

Holistic Harmony LLC


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Holistic Harmony LLC 

Patty Sassone CHHC, AADP, IAHC, Chef 

Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner  
and Wellness Coach 

Reclaim Your Health and Live A Harmonious Life

Owner of Holistic Harmony LLC, located at The Healing Center, 132 Hamburg Tpke Bloomingdale, NJ. Patty Sassone is an Integrative Nutrition Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner and Wellness Coach through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners and The International Association of Health Coaches. She is an Autoimmune disorder Digestive health, Celiac disease and Gluten free Specialist with 33+ years experience in Health and Wellness, healing herself holistically from years of Chronic digestive and other health issues due to undiagnosed Celiac and having been born with 2x’s the amount of intestines. Having graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition In NYC, her Coaching approach is based on a unique Bio-Individual basis to aid in the proper foundation to create perfect Harmony between body, mind, and spirit so you can reclaim your health and live a Harmonious life!  

Health Coaching ~ 

Have you ever received good advice that you were unable to follow? Has your Dr. ever recommended a lifestyle change that you found to be unsustainable? Have you ever wanted something in your life but found you couldn’t achieve it alone?  That’s because not one diet works for everyone. One man’s poison is another man’s medicine. 

Isn’t it time to Invest in your health and take care of you? 

As your Health Practitioner and Wellness Coach I will be your personal advocate for living an energized, healthy, and Harmonious life. Using the tools I will provide you with, while helping you make the necessary changes and achieve your goals, I commit my ongoing support and guidance, helping you to navigate the world of nutrition to  improve your overall health and wellbeing. Making gradual, lifelong changes enables you to reach your current and future health goals for a lifetime of balance and success.

Programs ~ each and every program is completely unique and individualized for your bio-individuality and your unique health issues and concerns.  




90 minute Harmony Tune-Up 

If you are already healthy but want to make sure that you are  taking optimum care of yourself and  just want to review your diet or visit other dietary options such as  

gluten free, plant based, raw foods, vegan, or want supplement advice, you will benefit from a tune up session.The program will include detailed recommendations based off the area you are seeking direction. Program includes one 90 min session. 


28 Day Harmony Jumpstart 

*Jumpstart your digestion 

*Jumpstart your immune system and energy 

These are introduction programs to jumpstart into a healthier you. You will learn the fundamentals of a healthy diet while discovering which foods work best for you and your unique body type to get you started to improving your digestion or building your immune system and jumpstarting your energy. Programs include 4 / 60 minute sessions. 


90 Day Harmony Healing Intensive Wellness 
” The Digestion Tune-Up Intensive” 

*The Beyond IBS System: How To Settle Your Stomach So You Can Lose  Belly Bloat, Heal Your Gut, And Eat With Pleasure ( Instead Of Pain!) 

Uncover the foods that are hampering your digestion and causing the bloat, gas, brain fog, and inflammation. 


“The Hormonal / Thyroid Breakthrough Intensive  

*The Feeling Fabulous Over 50 Breakthrough Discovery 

Discover the right balance of foods and supplements to reset your hormones, nourish your thyroid, heal your gut, and improve your complexion, energy, moods, skin tone, muscle mass, and vitality. 


 “The Autoimmune Intensive” 

*Finding The Key To Living And Feeling Great With Any Autoimmune Disorder including Celiac Disease 

Discover the right foods and supplements to build your immune system to get your autoimmune condition under control and in remission so you can regain your health and start living and enjoying your life again!  

These are a continuation of any of the 28 Day Jumpstarts and expands on them. We will focus on nutrition, food and lifestyle. You discover which foods are right for your unique bio-individuality, what forms of exercise are right for your body type, how to set and accomplish goals, reduce your cravings, improve your digestion, heal your gut, lift the brain fog, uncover what foods are YOUR healing foods, manage stress in your life, increase your energy and focus to feel better overall in your body, get your autoimmune disorder into remission, and/or get your hormones in balance. This includes  6 / 60 minute sessions, twice a month or 12/ 30 minute sessions over a period of 90 days. 

6 Month Harmony Healing High-End VIP Platinum 

This takes all the 90 Day Intensives to the next level for the seriously committed to lifelong transformation.  This program contains all the same elements as the 90 Day Intensives and expands on them. This is a life changing program that helps you set and accomplish goals while integrating nutrition, helping to improve relationship’s, self care, and uncovers emotional issues and more to ensure body, mind and spirit are all in Harmony for lifelong healing and success. Includes 12 / 1 hour sessions every 2 weeks, or 24 / 30 minute sessions over a period of 28 days. 

All programs include MY personal  commitment to your health and success. I give you all the tools you need to succeed but know that the transformation and work needs to be done by you and occurs everyday of the program.  Our weekly/ bi-weekly sessions are for us to connect and discuss any questions or concerns you have along the way as well as for me to give you new resources and recipes. This is a long term permanent investment in your health, not just a temporary quick fix. 

Your Program also Includes: 

  • Healthy recipes that are easy to prepare and for your specific health issues. 
    Informative hand outs that will increase your nutrition and green living knowledge as   well as a lending library. 
  •  Goody bags with product samples and other little goodies. 
  • Email and phone support between sessions. 
  • Monthly newsletter 

All programs available with optional meal planning or food prep, grocery shopping, and/ or grocery lists, and health food and grocery store tours for an additional fee as a session/ sessions replacement. 

Group sessions for 3 or more clients available at discounted rates.  

Any program paid in full by cash or check, signed at time of Discovery session/   Health History, receives a 10% discount.  

Credit card payments receive a 5%  discount. 


Services ~ 
Harmonize your Health 

Newly diagnosed with celiac or a gluten/wheat  sensitivity and feeling totally lost and don’t know where to start? Want to start eating healthier and need help? Feel that eating healthy and organic is too costly? Let me take you to the health food store or supermarket and educate you on ingredient lists, farm vs. wild fish, non organic vs. organic, explain the ingredients; healthy vs. unhealthy , and show you how it can be done affordably. Too busy to shop? Let me do it for you. 

Personal Chef Service 

Fuel your body with whole foods for your ultimate health! My personal chef services offer my clients the benefits of eating healthy, balanced nutritious meals in the comfort of their own home. A diet consisting of whole nutrient dense foods will help you and your family have increased energy, powerful mental focus, a healthy immune system, improved digestion and all the benefits of fueling your body with wholesome, healing foods to maintain your ultimate health! Can include menu and/or meal planning as well as shopping lists.   

Harmonize your Home 

Want to stop using toxic cleaning products in your home and laundry? I will help you transition your home, in your home while showing you how to remove the toxins. 

Harmonize your Kitchen 

Are you ready to make permanent changes? Going from a gluten filled home to a gluten free one, or just want to start eating healthier and ready to get all the junk food out of the house? How about a pantry and refrigerator makeover? I can make that transition happen for you, and show you how you can even replace many of the same foods with their healthier counterparts. 

In Home Healthy Healing Cooking Sessions (Individual or Group Rates) 

I will come into your home and do a cooking session that meets any and all dietary needs from gluten free to vegan.  Let me customize a session that best suites your needs. 2 1/2 – 3 hr sessions depending on specific menu. Hostess is free along with a hostess gift. 





Could one conversation change your life?  

Find out by seeing if we are a good fit and if you qualify to work with me by contacting me to set up a Discovery Session/ Health History~  

Patty Sassone @ 973-454-9780 or holisticharmonynj@gmail.com or stop in to see me @ The Healing Center ~ 132 Hamburg Turnpike, Bloomingdale, NJ  

www.njhealingcenter.com ~ sessions in person, by phone, skype or facetime 

Look me up on Facebook and Pinterest @ ~Holistic Harmony LLC  



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