Lindsey was struck by lightning and had a near death experience that altered her life. Since the lightning strike she has become strong trusted spiritual guide using her clairvoyant, intuitive, medium abilities, she empowers many to connect with their gifts, life path, clairvoyant and psychic abilities.   She has developed a special ability to connect her clients to the light and love from their deceased loved one so her client learns how to feel the peace and calm from their departed.  Her other specialty is to guide people on their life path connecting her clients to their power, gifts and talents. She has created a specific technique to help her clients heal from the loss of their loved one and to own their natural gifts. Many have expressed their session to be profoundly healing as they connect to a feeling of calm and peace, filled with messages of hope.
Lindsey is featured in a documentary called The Path: Afterlife, Director Micheal Habernig Producer April Hannah,  Out of the Blue by John S. Friedman, Spirit Lives! by Dr John B. Muciaccia, and Women’s World Magazine.

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Woman’s World Article, May 16, 2006       Lindsey’s Story: In My Own Words

She is Director and Owner of NJ Healing Center, she has a degree from Michigan in Psychology, NJ Licensed Massage Therapist, Interfaith Minister, Nationally Certified Hypnotist, Specializing in Past Life Regression, Age Regression and Hypnosis for Childbirth, Member of International Association of Counselors and Therapists, Maya Abdominal Massage Practitioner, Aroma Therapist, Foot Reflexologist and Spiritual Teacher and Counselor using her Clairvoyant abilities to guide clients for over 30 years.