In My Own Words: My Lightning Story

In 1997, July 17 at 5:20 pm, I was struck by lightning along with my husband, Paul and my niece Nicole. To be hit by Mother Nature’s power of light, a storm of such incredible strength that it was both extremely humbling and horrifying for us and for all those who witnessed it, including my two sons, JP and Orion.

As with 9/11, just when life seemed so safe and sure, an unknown force came swiftly, with so much severity and affecting so many people, the lightning strike changed our lives forever.

I used to love the thrill and feel of a good powerful thunderstorm. I never in my wildest dreams ever thought I would be hit by lightning. Now, when a thunderstorm rolls in, I have great respect for Mother Nature and proceed to shelter immediately. However unnerved I may feel, I remind myself to breath and tell myself I am okay otherwise I can get panicky which does no one any good especially my children.

However there is always a great gift in many difficult and challenging matters. Wisdom and strength are gifts from many experiences that challenge us physically, mentally and emotionally. One great blessing I received from being struck by lightning was that I had the opportunity to die and come back. This occurrence gave me the chance to experience the spiritual world. You may be wondering what this has to do with discovering your Soul’s Intent. I asked myself many questions as to why I was hit, similar to 9/11 we all asked many questions while it was happening and for months afterwards. Questions like “What does this mean?” ” Why is this happening?” ” Who did this and how will it affect my life, my children’s lives and my children’s children lives.” “What can I do to change?” “Why am I here?” “What is this all about?”

Thus my story begins: I was walking with Paul, Nicole, and my 3year old son Orion, up the hill to our car to get away from the storm coming over Greenwood Lake, NJ. My 12-year-old son, JP was to be swimming at a meet but it was postponed due to the storm. He stayed down on the pavilion with the rest of the swim team to wait the storm out. We felt safer going to the car because Orion was crying and afraid of the thunder. After Paul placed Orion in the car I found myself walking away from him and questioning myself as to why I was leaving my crying son, “I should be standing by the car to help Paul and Nicole put the chairs and cooler in the trunk” I thought to myself. Something was pushing me away from the car and onto the grass. Then suddenly there was a tremendous crash as if a bomb had hit the ground. Everything went black, I found myself in a void of total nothingness and before I knew it I felt such peace and a sense of floating. There were thousands of soul’s floating around. I felt their emptiness and feeling of solitude and loneliness as if they were stuck in limbo.

Then my father was there to greet me, he was smiling and guiding me through all of the many lost souls. Everything happened so fast, as if a million episodes were to be put into a time frame of a minute. There was no time in this world and I found myself only in space. A sense of great peace was coming from a light above the lost souls and it drew me in. I wanted only to be in that light where the incredible and profound feeling of peace was coming from, this was my only focus. It was easy to move through the layers of evolution in the spiritual world. I experienced many layers not knowing what they meant not realizing I had died nor had I felt I had a family I left behind. The peace was all that I felt drawn to.

Suddenly two very large shadows appeared before me. I felt as if I were smaller than a grain of sand in the whole cosmos compared to these anonymous moving shadows. They stopped my going into the light and I heard as clear as a bell “It is not your time.” One of the dark shadows enveloped me in its shadowy energy. The feeling coming from this energy was pure unconditional love. It was beyond human love, a love so tremendously great that the English language does not do justice to explain what I felt.

The great shadow showed me what had happened to me and then brought my attention to my family and my body. I saw my body all twisted from the lightning and I refused to go back. There appeared to occur a conference with these two shadows, my father and myself. A superior sense of guidance came forth from a higher wisdom, my awareness was drawn to the confusion and panic from the people affected by the lightning strike. I experienced the pain and suffering Paul was experiencing from the electricity running through his body however I felt absolutely no fear. I became an objective witness detached from any suffering , how fascinating it all felt.

Through my conference with the great ones I learned how difficult it would be for Paul if I did not return. I was reminded of my son Orion in the car all by himself and of JP scared and crying. Immediately, I decided to return, I felt a tug at my solar plexus through a spiritual cord connected to my abdomen and my two sons. This cord brought me into a cone shaped spiral. It was as if I was traveling at the speed of light. One could be in New York coming from California as quick as the blink of an eye, time was not measured in this world.

Before I knew it, I found myself back in my body with a white wall of mist around me. I first saw Orion in the car wide eyed and crying. Next I saw Paul. He was screaming in pain. I thought he was dieing and Nicole was not moving at all. I thought she was dead.

I could not see JP, panic began to fill me. Then suddenly I heard a voice from within my head “JP is okay and I am okay.” The pain from the lightning seared through my chest as if I were having a heart attack. I could not breathe nor move. A kind man came over to me and told me I was hit by lightning and I started to scream, “Help me up.” He began to lift me, the pain was excruciating from his touch. The only thing that mattered was for me to save my family, my upper body was partially paralyzed and my right arm was totally numb. I told Paul to call his spiritual Master Meishu-sama and I screamed for the angels to help us. I sat in the car with Orion who was accompanied by a beautiful woman and I turned to her saying” the angels are with us.” Then I found myself out in the rain and hail, touching Nicole’s forehead telling her “Call the angels.” Her eyes began to open. At last people began to come, there were so many good people willing to take care of us.

The recovery was long and slow but many came to assist and heal us. Much was learned in that summer. I was quite depressed and angry after coming back from the spiritual world. There was a sense of equality where everyone was loved unconditionally no matter the race, culture, age or level of success. I was only there for a very short human time but I know that we are all watched over and we don’t go until it is our time. We have the free will to choose our paths and our soul’s intention. As far as all the lost soul’s, my perception is that those souls were stuck. They may have died without any faith in the light or in the goodness of the universe thus not knowing where to go, or they may have been attached to one’s they love, possessions or habits in the physical world. The lost soul’s felt like family to me even though I did not know them. I would like to believe they have found their way into the light.