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Nov 282016

Happy Holidays

Meet Kab, Largest Crystal Skull discovered.

Keeper Sue Card,  Make your appointment NOW and receive Healing from one of the Oldest Crystal Skull discovered~!

Angel & Tarot Card Readers
Annette De Lorenzo

Pay attention to the Foods you eat!
Receive Health Counseling to improve your health from Health Consultant
 Patty Sassone
Chris Landua
EFT/Reiki Healings
Learn about your love relationships
Past Life Regression Readings
Angel Healings and Readings
                                          $25 FOR 15 MINUTE SESSIONS!
                                          $90 FOR 60 MINUTE SESSIONS!

               NJ Healing Center – No one will be turned away with financial hardships!


Wishing you all an enjoyable Fall!

Sincerely,  Lindsey Sass, Director of NJ Healing Center

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