SRT, Theta DNA, IET (Angel Reiki), Hands on Healing, Angels
Can do:
  • Clearing Spaces, Offices,   Homes remotely of Negative energies and Wayward Spirits
  • Healing Life Energies using the Angels Raphael and Ariel.
  • Clearing Negative Energies, Wayward Spirits, Discarnates and more !
  • Past Life Regressions
    • Find the past life that has been influencing this life the most or which is most important to you.
    • Go back and heal and forgive that life and those in it.
    • See who in this life was also in that past life !
  • Psychic Readings and Twin Flame and Angels – who is with you now ?
  • With SRT:   Clear past life and early life negative energies , programs , With Theta DNA change unconscious beliefs that are holding you back
  • Clear negative energies and programs in life that are holding you back .