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May 022016
Phakyab Rinpoche

$40 per day, $80 for 2 days For more information please visit: http://njhealingcenter.com/event/learn-from-a-master-venerable-phakyab-rinpoche/   Ram Dass(musician), Lindsey Sass(owner of NJ Healing Center), Venerable Phakyab Rinpoche(High Tibetan Monk)  Oct 2, 2016

Mar 042016

Khenpo Tenzin Nyima Beginning March 2016 Look for up coming Monday, Friday Evenings 7-9pm   The Path toward Enlightenment EXPERIENCE DEEP STILLNESS AND QUIET WITHIN We are Honored  & Grateful to announce an opportunity Dharma (Spiritual Teachings) and meditation with KhenpoTenzin Nyima  NJ Healing Center in Bloomingdale, NJ www.NJhealingcenter.com Starting in March 2016 7-9pm Contact: Read More

Nov 032015
Medium Clairvoyant at Awaken Fair

  April 24 2016 Medium Clairvoyant at Awaken Fair at Doubltree Hotel in Tarrytown, NY http://www.awakenfair.com/tarrytown-11-22-15-1.html Make your appointment with  Lindsey Sass

Sep 282015
Pre-Register for Venerable Phakyab Rinpoche Meditation

April 9, Shamatha Meditation Shamatha meditation is a simple practice great for beginners and advanced practitioners alike. Shamatha means “calm abiding” in Sanskrit, and this meditation focuses on allowing the mind’s natural state to be accessed by focusing the breath on a specific object and letting all other thought slip away. As the meditation practice Read More

Jul 022015
Office Space Available

Office Space available for: Acupuncturist, Chiropractor, Massage Therapist, Social Worker, Holistic Practitioner.  Good location, 5 minutes from 287 North and South. On Main street in Bloomingdale, NJ Be on 1,700,00 email list, established business over 25 years Please call (973) 714-0765 for more information

May 292015
About the NJ Healing Center and Available Services

NJ Healing Center 132 Main Street, Bloomingdale, NJ 07403 Located in Wards Plaza next to the Rite Aid NJ Healing Center At NJ Healing Center we help each patient heal through advanced practices delivered with a personalized touch to promote healing rapidly and completely—from the inside out. While the vast majority of both traditional and Read More

May 292015
William Buhlman: Adventure Beyond Body

William Buhlman Author: Adventures beyond the body. Lindsey is featured in Out of the Blue, a book about lightning strikes by John Friedman, under the chapter “Gathering of the Angels”, and also in a documentary, The Path, in which Lindsey is featured as the key character describing her near-death experience.

May 292015
Chris Landua Talks To Your Angel

Chris Landua talks to your angel and reads your aura using different modality such as SRT, Theta DNA, and Angel Card. He will give you meaningful answers to help you heal and reach a deeper connection to the beyond. The Aura tells you a lot about yourself and your psychic abilities. Knowing more about yourself Read More

May 292015
Walk-ins Are Accepted!

Remember we accept walk-ins! Do no hesitate to reach out for any questions.

May 292015
Office Space Available

Office Space available for: Acupuncturists, Chiropractor, Massage Therapist, Social Worker, Holistic Practitioner. Good Location, 5 minutes from 287 North & South. On Main Street in Bloomingdale, NJ BE ON 1,700,00 email list, established business over 25 years. For more information please call Lindsey at: (973) 714-0765