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Jan 112017
Salt of the Earth

Mindfulness Meditation Jan 19, 7-8:30pm, $50 Please pre-register   The burgeoning field of neuroscience emits a fairly constant stream of evidence for meditation’s positive impact on immune response, cardiovascular functioning, the brain itself. Meditation can change the brain—measurably. Scientists can see a thickening of the cortex areas where memory and empathy reside. In one famous Read More

Jan 022017
Meet Kab, Largest Crystal Skull discovered

Meet Kab, Largest Crystal Skull discovered. Keeper Sue Card,  Make your appointment NOW and receive Healing from one of the Oldest Crystal Skull discovered~!   

Jan 022017
Happy New Year!

Happy New Year 2017!!! OPEN HOUSE JAN 7, 1-5pm We at The NJ Healing Center pray for all of your happiness, health and great joy this coming year!  Sincerely, Lindsey Sass www.njhealingcenter.com 973-714-0765 Such a sense of freedom comes when we think of making a fresh start, of leaving behind any limit­ing conditions we have Read More

Nov 282016
Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays Meet Kab, Largest Crystal Skull discovered. Keeper Sue Card,  Make your appointment NOW and receive Healing from one of the Oldest Crystal Skull discovered~! Angel & Tarot Card Readers Annette De Lorenzo Pay attention to the Foods you eat! Receive Health Counseling to improve your health from Health Consultant  Patty Sassone Chris Landua Read More

Nov 282016
Holiday Gift Certificates

NJ HEALING CENTER Holiday Gift Certificates   Holiday Cheers from the Gang at The NJ Healing Center! Take tine for yourself to Heal and Relax! Give a Holiday Gift of Healings and Guidance! To Receive your Gift Certificates Email: Lindseysass@gmail.com

Nov 282016
Before the Earth falls silent

Dear friends, By 2020, two-thirds of wild animals will be gone. Life is being extinguished as fast as when the dinosaurs disappeared — and it’s happening because humanity is taking a chainsaw to the tree of life.Unless we stop this tragedy, the Earth’s delicate biodiversity could completely collapse, leaving our planet deathly silent and uninhabitable Read More

May 022016
Phakyab Rinpoche

$40 per day, $80 for 2 days For more information please visit: http://njhealingcenter.com/event/learn-from-a-master-venerable-phakyab-rinpoche/   Ram Dass(musician), Lindsey Sass(owner of NJ Healing Center), Venerable Phakyab Rinpoche(High Tibetan Monk)  Oct 2, 2016

Mar 042016

Khenpo Tenzin Nyima Beginning March 2016 Look for up coming Monday, Friday Evenings 7-9pm   The Path toward Enlightenment EXPERIENCE DEEP STILLNESS AND QUIET WITHIN We are Honored  & Grateful to announce an opportunity Dharma (Spiritual Teachings) and meditation with KhenpoTenzin Nyima  NJ Healing Center in Bloomingdale, NJ www.NJhealingcenter.com Starting in March 2016 7-9pm Contact: Read More

Nov 032015
Medium Clairvoyant at Awaken Fair

  April 24 2016 Medium Clairvoyant at Awaken Fair at Doubltree Hotel in Tarrytown, NY http://www.awakenfair.com/tarrytown-11-22-15-1.html Make your appointment with  Lindsey Sass

Sep 282015
Pre-Register for Venerable Phakyab Rinpoche Meditation

April 9, Shamatha Meditation Shamatha meditation is a simple practice great for beginners and advanced practitioners alike. Shamatha means “calm abiding” in Sanskrit, and this meditation focuses on allowing the mind’s natural state to be accessed by focusing the breath on a specific object and letting all other thought slip away. As the meditation practice Read More