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(973) 714-0765



We have relocated the office only 7 minutes (4 miles) away from the Bloomingdale Center.  We have moved due to Walgreens taking over of the Mini mall section of NJ Healing Center.

NJ Healing Center has relocated to a beautiful location on a lake.  We look forward to serving you in the future!!


With warm gratitude,

Lindsey Sass
Director of NJ Healing Center


NJ Healing Center we help each patient heal through advanced practices delivered with a personalized touch to promote healing rapidly and completely—from the inside out.

NJ Healing Center is a safe and gentle environment for people to discover the gifts of clarity and healing. We encourage you to open and receive healing on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level. The NJ Healing Center is dedicated to personal wholeness, offering a rounded program for "Total Healing on all levels."

We have created a space where individuals can feel safe to pursue their own development, enjoy the benefits of many healing therapies and attend a wide variety of experiential workshops and training. We integrate basic healing through therapeutic NJ Healing Center honors the partnership between client and therapist, allowing the client to come to a place of understanding of his/her own healing process thus empowering the client.

We are known for:

  • Our practitioners are compassionate and caring, with many years of experience and training.
  • We handle complicated cases or illness - Cancer, Parkinson's, phobias, and anxiety.
  • We encourage you to connect to your truest Spiritual Nature.
  • We provide a place to come to a better understanding of one's own unique gifts.
  • Our intuitive readings are offered with the highest integrity for the client's best interest.
  • We offer a range of profoundly healing massages.
  • We offer solutions for weight loss and stress reduction through acupuncture and hypnosis.

Educational and Experiential Workshops include:

  • Meditation Instruction
  • Tibetan Buddhism
  • Develop Clairvoyant and Psychic Abilites
  • Shamanic Journey
  • Reiki Certifications Trainings

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While the vast majority of both traditional and holistic medical practices address specific conditions or take the usual mind, body, spirit route, we believe that the best way to heal is to begin with who you truly are—your Spiritual Self.

By simply shifting the work to our uniquely direct and powerful approach, the sources and underlying cause of your issues are brought into focus from earlier and more accurately than other practices. Once uncovered we are then able to support your healing in the fastest manner possible, with the least resistance and optimal results.

We Specialize in Integrated Healing

Our facilities are exceptional. Calm, soothing and uplifting are a few of the wonderful compliments we receive all day long. Following ancient principles and current professional practices, our carefully considered environment is crafted for maximum healing impact. Often we hear that people simply don’t want to leave because they feel better here. We feel the same and are happy to share the healing power of our clear intent.


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Mail check to: The Healing Center, PO Box 53, Bloomingdale, NJ 07430



Website package deal

** for 3 sessions. From $300 to $325


No Refunds unless due to emergency or illness